We create positive emotions in the space of your business.

To satisfy the individual needs of our customers, we choose the proper

aromamarketing scent compositions in order to achieve the assumed goals.

We offer exclusive line of fragrances: Premium Class

and also aromamarketing scent diffusers click:  Professional Line specification:

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The scent marketing is an innovative and effective way to increase the sales

nand the  effectiveness of marketing strategies.


  • Aroma Design is the exclusive distributor of the professional, scent-emitting diffusors
  • Our devices are using the cold diffusion and air blow or they can be included in ventilation or air-conditioning systems
  • We can aromatise rooms, buildings and opened spaces for both companies and individual customers
  • If you’re suffering from the unpleasant smells, we can neutralize them with the use of professional neutralizing solutions
  • We can refresh the image of your company by designing the new look of the interiors




Aroma logo

The composition of scents made especially for your company will become your aroma logo that can be used in the interiors of your company, on the packages, business cards, letterheads and during the expos, fairs or any other promotional actions of your company.

Aroma advertisement

The aroma can be applied on any kind of advertising materials, letterheads, offer materials, catalogues, business cards and products’ packages.

Aroma space

We offer individually matched aroma compositions and scent-emitting devices that can work on both small and large areas. The scents are atomized in microscopic small droplets through pressure of filtered cold air, what allows the scent to last longer in the air even on the large areas.

The scents are creating atmosphere of pleasant sensations and associations.

Aroma event

Aromatisation of company’s’ expositions spaces during the expos, promotional events of products or brands, concerts, exhibitions, performances. The scent provides new, unexpected range of sensations, it attracts the attention, it creates positive, long lasting associations. It also distinguishes the traditional, audio-visual marketing by transmitting additional information enclosed in the scent.