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“Discover the power of scent in achieving the business goals”

Aroma Marketing is the art of using properly matched scents in achieving the goals assumed in marketing strategies.

We receive the scents from many different sources by breathing- it is the process that one can not stop.

The sensations we associate with the scent can stay in our memory for a long time.

The scent marketing is an important way of transferring the information and is more and more often noticed and used by managers.

A properly used scent can trigger the extension of the time that customers are spending in your company, increased sales caused by its’ influence on the buyer decision processes and better brand recognizability among the others. It also emphasises the prestige of your company and helps to create strong relationships with your customers and good associations with your business.

An interesting research has been conducted by dr Anji Stohr from the Dresden University. The research on usage of the professional scent marketing, has revealed the following values:

  • the length of time that the customers had spend in the aromatised places had increased by 15,9%
  • the willingness to buy products had increased by 14,8%
  • the sales of companies that were using the scent marketing had increased by 6%


We can get various effects depending on the ingredients of scent composition:


  • The smell of the coffee or freshly baked pie outside the grocer’s and restaurants, can make the customers come inside and induce them to make impulsive purchase goods.
  • The advertisement agencies are using scents to promote new products:  expos, events.
  • The scents with floral and fruity fragrant notes are the best for the boutiques
  • The proper scent used in the schooling centres, conference rooms and offices, can cause better concentration and reduce the number of mistakes.
  • In the cosmetic, SPA and medical branches, for example in the clinics, beauty salons, sanatoriums and pharmacies, we suggest using the relaxing scents that are reducing stress
  • Usage of the citrus scent on the petrol stations causes the trigger of sales in their grocery departments
  • In the travel agencies, the scent of tropical fruits bring the associations with the exotic holidays and causes the increased sales of travels to such destinations.
  • The scents used on the swimming pools, sport and fitness centres, are usually refreshing and energizing.
  • In the gastronomy, the properly chosen scents are causing the increased consumption.

The scents are very important in the prestigious branches:

The exclusive scents associated with luxury are the best for the offices, car showrooms and jeweller’s.


  • In the property developer offices, we suggest using the scents with the woody and floral fragrant notes that are bringing associations with safety and with family atmosphere.
  • The usage of scent in your company’s’ offices, rooms for customers’ service and the receptions can easily distinguish your company among the others. The meetings that are taking place in aromatised rooms are conducted in pleasant atmosphere- the scent has also positive influence on negotiations and trade talks.
  • The hotels and lodging houses that are using aromatisation, will surely stay in the memory of its’ guests for a long time- when choosing the next accommodation, they will make their way for the place that they associate with the positive emotions.

Aroma Design company creates the new space in your business.



Would you like to stay ahead of your competitors?
Use Aromamarketing.



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 We design a seductive atmosphere.

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